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Joel Belz, the founder of WORLD News Group, is here to remind us of our mission.

It was founded by Joel Belz, the company’s founder. There is no way we can arrange a meeting with Teng Kur, but I would be delighted to meet him. A second look at the school that produced such a student is well-deserved.

Teng, a sixth-grader at Cush Christian School in central west South Sudan, has just completed fifth grade. Teng also enjoys his role as a “junior teacher” at this unusual school, where he leads a group of 2nd graders. Teng claims to be 15 years old, but in South Sudan, exact ages aren’t that significant.

Since its inception, Cush Christian School has received some media attention from around the world. Scott Brinkerhoff, CCS’s founder and a veteran Christian school teacher and coach, was looking for a new opportunity in another country. His search first led him to a number of African locations, and then to a remote outpost in South Sudan. The Reformed Presbyterian Church’s missions arm wanted to add a radio station and a school to a few church plants. This meant that Brinkerhoff had to be in charge of both efforts, which would have required him to come up with some unusual plans.

For the first year in 2012, there were only 25 students enrolled at the school, and two teachers (at first and now 18) divided their time between six different grade levels and as many different subject areas as possible. Brinkerhoff’s team knew they had a big problem and a big need when registration doubled in the second year and then grew rapidly to 165 students. Scott shared his story with Teng just before the holidays.

It has been ten years since I last spoke with you.

TK: That’s right.

Do you remember your age?

TK: I was about six years old at the time. I looked forward to getting to school early so that I could pick fights with my fellow students.

There are a lot of fights going on at school.

We were doing a program at the time, and I was looking up a verse to share with the parents. The Bible tells us to “forgive one another.” “God will not forgive you if you don’t forgive others.” I realized that if I want my father to forgive me, I must repent and forgive others.

So He did forgive you, then? S.B.:

TK: That’s correct.

When you’ve finished school, have you thought about what you’d like to do with your life after that?

TK: I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.

The SB: Oh my gosh! That’s a good sign!

Indeed! An English-language school that emphasizes character development, stewardship of God’s Word, and preparation for a future in education is one that is deserving of the public’s attention. Scott Brinkerhoff at brinkerhoffscott@gmail.com can help WORLD readers who feel God’s call to spend a few months at Cush Christian School get the ball rolling.

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