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It’s Cal Thomas, who’s a commentator on this topic. Cal Thomas: Obama-Biden promised “shovel-ready jobs” in 2011, but what happened? A previous spending boondoggle failed to draw as many people, prompting Obama to quip, “Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.”

The Citizens Against Government Waste group estimated that the law would cost $787 billion to implement. There was supposed to be $48 billion earmarked to improve the nation’s infrastructure. It was dubbed the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act in a misleading way. Martin Feldstein, a Harvard economist, estimated that each new job would cost taxpayers $200,000 each. According to ABC News, then-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner didn’t dispute that statistic. According to him, “The price tag is the wrong way to measure the bill’s value.” Similar claims are being made about President Biden’s Monday signing of a new infrastructure spending bill.

Welcome to “shovel-ready 2.0,” the latest version of the product. Another swindle perpetrated on us in the name of “infrastructure” has taken place. to “obtain by deception or fraud.” According to the administration and the Democrats in Congress, this will cost nothing. Due to their reliance on accounting tricks and the money they hope will be generated through tax increases, this is why they don’t have a budget. However, there is a price to pay.

There are 2,700 pages in the new law. I’d bet my house payment that no member of Congress had the time or inclination to read the entire document before making a decision. But when the Heritage Foundation looked into the details, they found things that would add to the debt, likely cause inflation, and likely raise the prices of goods and services that people need.

For starters, the Heritage team claims that “it bailed out the Highway Trust Fund to the tune of $118 billion.” Overspending has left the fund with a chronic deficit. In other words, you’re wasting your money. A government program’s failure is never an excuse for less spending, however.

In order to sell the legislation to the public, supporters promised to repair airports, highway bridges, and highways. In fact, the law “adds as much new spending to modes like mass transit and Amtrak as it does to highways, even though buses and rail account for only a tiny fraction of travel,” according to Heritage analysts. Weed control costs $50 million per year, and unionized contractors get an advantage over non-union shops because of excessive set-asides. Even highway funding is being hampered by these wasteful set-asides. If the past is any indication, one or more of these exclusions will benefit members’ special interests in exchange for their votes.

Is it possible to tell when a politician is lying by looking at their eyes? when he has his mouth open. Take the time to read it and the analysis, rather than just vote for it. Your conclusion will be that they have conned us again.

Cal Thomas is my name.

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